Development of Electric Cars & Their Environmental Importance

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The electric car revolution is gathering pace each and every day.

With more and more manufacturers introducing an electric or hybrid option for many models, it’s starting to feel like the dream of significantly reducing carbon emissions is becoming a reality.

Whereas they used to be considered perhaps a little uncool, like many eco-friendly practices, we’re all now realising the positive impact.

Furthermore, the government plans to end sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.


Global Warming

One of the main reasons for developing electric cars is the threat of global warming.

Although it’s only one industry in many which contribute to global warming, it’s a large one.

As such, major concerns over greenhouse gas emissions have warranted a massive move towards bringing electric cars into the market.


Getting Everyone Involved

As transportation and cars in particular, is of day-to-day interest to so many, it’s a good opportunity to demonstrate why it’s important to find alternative sources of fuel in all areas.

Consequently, it reinforces how we can all collectively make a real, in other ways too.

Equally, highlighting the benefits of using electric over alternatives means encouraging thinking and discussion.

As such, it stimulates serious consideration of the need for sustainability and the ultimate destruction of the planet which will result if we don’t change our ways.


Air Pollution Benefits

Internal combustion engines are incredibly harmful to public health.

The resulting air pollution can cause conditions such as bronchitis, asthma and in some cases, is linked with cancer.

Moreover, exhaust emissions smell, are dirty and filled with harmful gases.

However, electric vehicles are fuelled by electricity via battery and eliminate the need for exhaust pipes.

Therefore, air pollution is significantly reduced, particularly in urban areas where there are so many vehicles.

Although the electricity required to run these vehicles is produced using fossil fuels, they don’t create a need for drilling for oil.

Additionally, they are more efficient than their counterparts.

Consequently, less energy is needed.


Environmental Benefits

So, whilst the ultimate disposal of the metal parts of electric cars doesn’t make them fully eco-friendly, they are most definitely better for the environment.

For instance, electric vehicles are incredibly quiet, thereby reducing noise pollution.

Equally, no petrol, diesel, oil or radiator chemicals are necessary at all.

Therefore, not only dispensing with any need for these fluids, it also prevents any subsequent leaks.

As such, the potential for damage to wildlife, plants and potentially humans too, is also eliminated.


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