How to Make the Most of Your Taxi Journey to Work?

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The predictable commute to work eats into an average of one to two hours a day.

While most of us appear bleary-eyed to our loyal taxi driver, coffee in hand, looking forward to the promise of a good nap on the way to work…you could use this time to its full potential:


  • Check Your Emails

Most office workers, entrepreneurs, managers, etc., need to keep up to date on the ins and outs of work-life.

So why not catch up en route to the office?

There’s nothing more impressive than turning up to work to face a multitude of questions and already having the answers.


  • Create A To-do List

Want to hit the ground running the moment you sit at your desk?

Make a to-do list during the taxi ride, and put the most significant task upfront.

You’ll feel great once it’s done and out of the way!


  • Set A Daily And Weekly Goal

Setting goals helps motivate you, which works wonders for increasing productivity.

Rather than wasting time doing this at work, have a ponder in your cab, so you start the day/week organised from the get-go.


  • Meditate

Stressful job? Long hours? Irritating co-worker?

Use this time to breathe. Download an app like Headspace and give your thinking mind a break for a few minutes.

Meditation has proven to have substantial health benefits. It keeps you at peace with yourself, so you can cope in all situations.


  • Learn A Language

Bonjour! Ciao! Hallo! Impress your colleagues and clients by learning a new language.

There are tons of apps you can download and use from the convenience of your smartphone.

Get good enough, and who knows? You may even be in for a promotion!


  • Check LinkedIn

Inter-company relations are crucial to increasing revenue.

Online networking is also one of the easiest ways of establishing yourself and your business as experts in your field.

Whether it’s securing new vendors, recruiting fresh talent, or getting your dream job, spending some time on

LinkedIn is an excellent way of passing your commute.


  • Listen To Podcasts Or Audiobooks

Podcasts and audiobooks are great! Many of us don’t have time to sit and read a book or watch a programme, so we turn to podcasts and audiobooks!

Whether you’re researching for an upcoming project, looking for inspiration from a motivational speaker or wanting a break with something lighthearted, use your commute for sitting back, relaxing, and tuning in.


And finally…


Have A Natter With Your Cabbie

If you use the same cab company for your daily commute, chances are you’re going to see a lot of each other.

So, pass the time getting to know who you’re in the car with.

Your cabbie is a well of information so take advantage.

Whether you’re new to the area or want local business information, your driver should be able to help.




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