5 Possible Luxuries in 2021: Taking Travel to the Next Level

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2020 hasn’t been the best year to go travelling.

The global pandemic has sadly seen tourism plummet, and many holiday plans ruined.

In fact, the World Travel & Tourism Council expects the loss of as many as 174 million jobs in the travel and tourism industry by the end of 2020.

With so much doom and gloom, we’re looking forward to finally being able to explore new places in 2021.

There’s much to look forward to, including the continually evolving luxuries that will take travel to the next level.

So, in this post, we’ll examine five possible trends that will up the luxury of your travel experience in 2021!


1. The Rise of Digital Nomadism


Now that most office workers are working remotely, the trend for digital nomadism has taken on a whole new shape.

More and more of us now have the luxury of being able to work from anywhere in the world.

The travel sector has taken advantage of this already. In the Vakkaru Maldives, for example, they’ve launched a long-stay Work Well package.

That’s right – you could work remotely from the paradisiacal ocean-side.


2. Pleasure Flights


With so many planes sitting unoperated on the ground, many airline companies realized they could be doing more with their machines.

The trend for pleasure flights originated in Asia-Pacific regions during the summer, with carriers such as ANA and EVA Air welcoming passengers onto their planes for sightseeing flights.

These ‘flights to nowhere’ are predicted to continue to be a hit.


3. Changing Trips at No Extra Fee


Another result of the 2020 crisis was the introduction of no-cancellation fees for flights.

Namely, because lockdowns meant hundreds of customers were refused flights abroad.

This prompted travel companies to answer the increasing demand for refunds without alienating their customers.

We reckon there’s a chance these more flexible, changeable tickets are here to stay.

Who knows? Perhaps in 2021, flexible travel planning will be the norm.


4. Luxury Stay-Cations


As we’ve already said, the pandemic has made it much harder to go on trips abroad, which has opened up opportunities for local tourism in many countries to thrive.

Young travellers have sought luxurious AirBnbs and hotels where they can spoil themselves while staying socially isolated.

In combination with much shorter travel times to their destinations, these fancy at-home retreats are undoubtedly a new focus for the travel sector.


5. Private Island Getaways


In many ways, 2020 has taught us to embrace solitude.

In 2021, we might see more wealthy travellers escape to private islands with a small group of friends.

Whether this is intended for a luxury stay or a survival challenge with a cast-away feel, there are ample opportunities for both adventurers and wellness seekers here.


Final Thoughts

It’s been an interesting and daunting year for the travel sector, but crisis often prompts exciting innovations.

The travel industry has adapted to stay afloat, and in 2021, we can look forward to brand-new travel trends as a result.


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