5 Things To Keep In Mind When Preparing To Go To An Event

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So you’ve been invited to a big event and want to impress? A ball? A charity event? A wedding? Look no further. Here’s some things to keep in  mind when preparing.


1. Book That Taxi

We can’t stress how important booking your transport way in advance is.

If it’s a major event, there’s a good chance lots of people will be travelling to and from the venue, and they’ll all want a taxi.

So book book book!


N.B.: Check and double-check that you book transport for the right number of people. Most taxi firms will be able to accommodate larger parties but don’t expect them to squeeze in a couple of extras last-minute. No taxi driver will explain to the police why there’s a grown adult sitting on someone’s lap or a few stowaways in the boot. Keep it legal.


2. Dress Code

Figure out what sort of event you’re going to.

Check the invitation.

Does it suggest the dress code, or has it left it up to you?

Do you have to wear a costume? Or black tie?

Or is this a team-building event where you’ll get covered in mud and end up freezing cold?

Whatever the occasion, it’s vital you get your attire right.


N.B.: Make sure you think through any costumes or evening gowns. You need to ensure they’ll fit inside your transport. You need to order enough cabs to accommodate your finery and props.


3. Decide When You Will Arrive And Depart

Timings are essential for the success and enjoyment of an event.

Arrive too early, and you’ll be greeted by an awkward welcome, leave too late, and you’ll only experience the dregs of the party/event.


N.B: Ordering your taxi for the right times is crucial. Make sure you allow enough time for the journey (plus traffic) to get you there on time. When your taxi is waiting, gather everyone together, say your goodbyes and leave. The cab may be on the clock, but it doesn’t have to stick around if you’re late.


4. Respect Your Ride

It goes without saying, you should respect everyone you come into contact with, and your taxi driver is no exception.

Make sure you leave the cab tidy and clean.


N.B.: Don’t get so intoxicated that you risk damaging the cab. Your driver has the right to turn you away for fear of you messing up their clean taxi. Vomiting or urinating in a public vehicle will land you with a fine and most-likely ruin the end of your evening. So take it slow.


And finally….


5. Enjoy Yourself!

You are there to have fun, and your cabbie is there to ensure you get to and from your event safely.

Feel free to chat with them and tell them about your night and give them a tip for their excellent service.

After all, you would have been stuck without them.


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