Shuttle Service

Do you require a shuttle service for your business to transfer your staff or clients around? Whatever the reason for the shuttle service, The Oxford Minibus Company is sure to deliver a fast, high quality and reliable service to your business. You may need a last minute booking as something has gone wrong or you may need to transfer your staff from one part of the country to the other…

Maybe your business has had to relocate to another area, but you wish to keep hold of your workforce, the easiest way to do this is to offer your employees a shuttle bus service for the first few months from your old location to the new location until your employees can get used to the new move. A shuttle service is proven to make the transition of a location change much easier for your employees.

No job is too big or small for the Oxford Minibus Company, all you need to do is call 01865 377 775 to speak to one of our advisors. We will be honoured to offer our service for your business.

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