3 Skills All High-Quality Taxi Drivers Need to Have

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Are you interested in becoming a taxi driver but want to know a little more about it? There are a few things you need to know to get started, and you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s begin!


1. Obtain Your License

Sounds obvious right?

But we aren’t talking about the basic driving license we obtain at 17.

To become a qualified taxi driver, you have to apply for one of three licenses to be eligible to transport passengers.

These licenses are:

  1. The Hackney license, which enables you to pick up passengers on the road
  2. The Private license for pre-booked client
  3.  A combination license which enables you to access both types of clientele

It’s essential to obtain one of the above licenses in addition to your personal driver’s license (which must be clean, with all prior endorsements negated).


2. Qualifications

All taxi drivers should complete additional training for them to start picking up passengers. Here are a couple of “routes” you can take!


3. Personal skills

So, you have the qualifications and your licenses, but these are irrelevant if you don’t boast the following capabilities:

    • A good standard of spoken English: Communication is vital for any job but especially when you’re only with your client for minutes. It’s essential you understand the client’s needs and whereabouts of their destination. Ambiguity in this area only causes confusion, stress, and unease between you and your client.
    • A great memory: Is your passenger in a hurry? Are road works blocking your original route? Is there heavy traffic? These are all problems every taxi driver comes across. So, it’s essential to have an excellent understanding of your local area, so that you can take the quickest and most efficient route.
  • Great customer service skills: To ensure returning custom and word of mouth recommendations, customer service skills are a must-have. Whether it’s going above and beyond to assist a client or engaging in small talk, it’s vital you provide the highest standard of customer service to ensure a decent passenger experience.
  • A calming presence: The ability to keep calm under pressure and put your clients at ease throughout their journey…no matter how stressful, is essential.
  • A willingness to put in the hours: Hard work is essential to becoming a high-quality taxi driver. Not only do you need all the above skills but you also must be agreeable to working un-social and long hours. After all, businesses may be sleeping, but the city never does.


And Finally…

Yes, taxi driving can be stressful and tiring but it doesn’t come without its rewards.

Depending on your work ethic it pays very well and you’ll most likely work a predictable shift pattern. In addition, you’ll meet lots of people and maybe even a celebrity or two! Now those are stories you can tell the grandkids!


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