What To Look Out For When Hiring a Vehicle for an Event

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We all lead busy lives that often result in us needing to take journeys to get from A to B. Many of our customers choose to book a private car to save themselves time and, sometimes to travel in a little style.

Similarly, there are plenty of events and occasions where someone might hire a vehicle.

For example:

  • A standard journey to and from the shops
  • The frantic school run
  • An important business meeting
  • To and from the airport
  • To a wedding
  • To take a tour around Oxford and its surrounding villages

…these are just a few scenarios, but you get the idea.

Whatever your reason, here are some tips on what to look for and how to decide which taxi company to choose when booking a private car.


Affordable Prices

Passengers deserve great value for money and competitively priced fares.

So, you should expect to be told about the cost of your journey at the time of booking.

We take pride in providing competitive prices. If you find a lower price elsewhere, please talk to us. We’ll do our best to beat that price.


High-End Vehicles

Whether you’re dashing from one meeting to the next and don’t want the hassle of driving yourself and finding somewhere to park, or you need a private car to travel to a special occasion like a wedding, treat yourself to something higher end.

Top Tip: Look for a car that’s stylish, comfortable, and offers first-rate performance. Ideally, your chosen cab firm will boast a fleet of new vehicles that are regularly maintained.


Clean Vehicles

No one wants to step into a dirty looking car or a car that smells of stale cigarette smoke, even if it’s just for a short, run-of-the-mill journey.

Imagine doing the school run in such a car or travelling to the airport to start your much-needed holiday. At the very least, your chosen vehicle should be clean and smell fresh.


The Driver

Let’s be honest here – we’ve all had taxi drivers we’d rather forget!

If you’re travelling to an event or occasion such as your wedding, a special party or to and from a holiday, your driver needs not only to get you from A to B safely but be respectful, smart, courteous, on time, CRB-checked and professional.

Top Tip: When booking your vehicle, tell the taxi company what the occasion is, and ask about the driver’s CRB check and professional training.


Before We Go

We hope having read this article you now have a better idea of how to book the best vehicle for your event or special occasion.

Choosing the right car and the right company to take you to and from your event is an important decision, so be sure to heed the above advice.

For a reliable, comfortable, affordable and safe trip, get in touch.

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